Witch, Interrupted Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 13

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - That means the Winchesters are due to find trouble. This time, the trouble comes in the form of a dead radio doctor who calls himself Dr. Since Dr. Things have been quiet in Hemlock Cove. It seems chief terry, her favorite father figure, is dating … and he’s not opening his heart to her mother as she expected.

Bay is trying to be mature, but she always thought Terry would officially become part of her family once the barriers were lifted. Lovelorn had his fair share of enemies – and a rather unattractive habit of getting too involved with his patients – there are numerous suspects to focus on. Her expanding magic is also an issue, because she can’t quite get a handle on the ghosts that keep popping up … mostly because they’re mouthy and prone to fighting her efforts.

Basically, it’s going to be a busy week … if everyone survives to see the end of another convoluted case, that is. It’s all witches on deck for this one, and things are about to get weirder than normal. Unfortunately for the winchesters, if he can’t help his normal patients, he’s going to help them … whether they want it or not.

Witch, Interrupted Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 13 #ad - Love seems to be the topic of discussion, because in addition to searching for a murderer, Bay Winchester has her hands full dealing with another surprise. Lovelorn and fixes relationships in distress. To make matters worse, terry’s new girlfriend wants to be friends … something Bay can’t quite wrap her head around.


A Breath of Witchy Air: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - Bay can’t shake the feeling that there’s something off about the game, but that pales in comparison to the dead girls and the motive behind multiple killings. Things spiral out of control when the game developers pick Hemlock Cove for a big event, which means the town is suddenly flooded with gamers … including Aunt Tillie, who decides that winning really is the most important thing.

Things are about to get wicked for the Winchesters. Who comes out standing is anybody’s guess but Bay’s new power will be on full display … and may be the ultimate factor in her survival. There’s a killer in their midst and Bay appears to be displaying a new power that no one saw coming. It’s only a matter of time until two powerful forces collide.

A Breath of Witchy Air: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery #ad - That all changes in an instant when a beer truck tips over on the highway and half the town shows up to get drunk. Bay winchester is about to be the sole owner of the town newspaper so she heads out to take photos … and accidentally stumbles over several bodies. Hemlock cove is mired in a cold snap, which means the town is calm and quiet.

It seems there’s a serial killer on the loose, although no one can figure out if the dump site was convenient or if the killer is local. Some hard digging leads bay to a local college, where the only thing that stands out is a cell phone game that seems to be taking over the populace.


Flip the Witch Switch Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 14

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - The information she finds is disturbing … and the answers to the present case may come from the past, and a long-forgotten missing person’s case. There’s a lot going on. That trip leads them to the camp they visited back in the day … and to a new adventure. It’s a happy excursion down memory lane until they happen upon the old pool and discover a hand poking out of an ancient cover.

It’s going to take everyone working together to uncover the truth. Can they pull it off? She’s going to need help to do it. Little is trying to buy the property and wants the crime kept secret, which means Aunt Tillie is on a rampage to make sure her mortal enemy doesn’t win … even if the prize is something she doesn’t really want.

Flip the Witch Switch Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 14 #ad - The winchester witches are in turmoil. The local police chief is officially dating Bay’s mother, one of their own is keeping a huge secret, and they have a wedding coming up so that means dress fittings and place setting decisions galore. Bay is on deck and has to figure it all out. Mrs. Even then, with her team in place, she might not come out on the winning side.

There’s a killer hiding in the shadows and death is coming. That means their day off becomes an official investigation.


A Witch Before Dying Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 11

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - Thistle isn’t long for the guesthouse, but the weeks of overlap before she moves promise to try Bay’s patience. Things only get worse when one of the renaissance festival performers is found dead in the town square and Bay and her wacky cohorts find themselves in the middle of another messy mystery.

Hemlock Cove is bustling with activity. Fbi agent landon michaels has officially moved in with his girlfriend Bay Winchester, Mrs. It seems the new witch – who seems to be focused on entrenching herself in Hemlock Cove as fast as possible – might also be a suspect. She’s definitely on aunt tillie’s radar, and the elderly Winchester is determined to uncover all of Scarlet’s secrets.

A Witch Before Dying Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 11 #ad - It’s up to bay, landon, aunt tillie and the rest of the motley crew to figure out the truth and head off a killer before another victim falls prey to a demented fiend with murder on his or her mind. The big question is: will Bay survive to uncover the truth or will she be the next victim? She has her hands full thanks to her imminent purchase of The Whistler … and the fact that Landon and Thistle seem to be butting heads while sharing the same roof.

Little is planning an impromptu festival and there’s a new witch in town. The murder has ritual overtones, and Bay is worried that everyone will start pointing fingers at the real witches if a suitable suspect isn’t found. That’s only one of her problems, though. The question is: is scarlet Darksbane a real witch?Bay is in the middle of all of it.


Murder Most Witchy Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 10

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - Aunt tillie has a plan, though, so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Right? Bay has her hands full even when her heart feels empty. A chance encounter with Landon while he’s undercover leaves Bay exposed … and furious. Between her issues with Landon and his refusal to step away from the case, things are about to come to a head.

Landon is determined to protect Bay at all costs, even if it means going to war with the people he once considered colleagues. Halloween is approaching, after all, and Hemlock Cove is bustling with activity. It’s going to take everyone to save the day. Faith is key, because Landon needs it and so does she.

The final fight is one no one saw coming, and it brings Landon and the Winchesters full circle as they once again find themselves walking into a corn maze looking for trouble … and desperate to protect one of their own. When the end comes, someone Bay loves with her whole heart is in danger, and survival isn’t a given.

Murder Most Witchy Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 10 #ad - Life in the Winchester household is hardly settled. For her part, bay has to dig deep for courage – deeper than she ever dreamed, in fact. That’s true for Bay Winchester more than anybody else. Her boyfriend landon michaels is away from town on an undercover assignment for the FBI and Bay is struggling not to let worry and unease rule over her life.


The Trouble With Witches Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 9

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - Two forms of evil are bound to collide, but when and where?It’s going to take all of the Winchesters – and their friends – to solve a mystery decades in the making. The answers are there if they can dig deep enough to find them. Meeting her boyfriend’s parents is a big deal. Surviving the ordeal won’t be easy, but it’s all hands on deck – this time literally – for another wacky Winchester adventure.

The belligerent ghosts set their sights on someone in the Winchester household … it’s just not Bay, for a change … and everyone has to rally together if they expect to make it out alive. If ghosts and parental visits weren’t bad enough, Hemlock Cove has a firebug. It doesn’t help that her cousins can’t stop making fun of her, which is the Winchester way, of course.

The Trouble With Witches Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 9 #ad - In addition to the cornells' imminent visit, the Winchesters are also dealing with Sam’s new tanker. Someone is going after business owners and festival booths and the culprit is getting more and more daring. An afternoon visit knocks bay for a metaphysical loop with ugly visions of a tragedy long since forgotten – by everyone but the dead.

The winchester witches are in a tizzy. Sam cornell’s parents are coming to town and Clove is beside herself.


Charms & Witchdemeanors Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 8

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - The new agent is gung-ho, headstrong and making witchy enemies at every turn. When the investigation turns to the past instead of the present, Aunt Tillie refuses to talk and a long held Hemlock Cove secret risks being exposed. Bay, thistle and clove don’t believe their great-aunt is guilty – although Thistle is fine if the police want to haul her away for a long weekend.

Everyone in town is suspicious, but things spiral out of control when FBI Agent Landon Michaels’ boss believes he can’t be objective where his girlfriend’s family is concerned and sends another agent to lead the investigation. Bodies start piling up as old grudges overlap with new clues and the Winchesters are caught in the crossfire.

Charms & Witchdemeanors Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 8 #ad - Bay is determined to clear her great-aunt’s name but even she has her doubts when the victim’s ghost points a finger … directly at Aunt Tillie. It’s all hands on deck for an explosive showdown that proves some secrets are best left buried. Bay just hopes she won’t end up buried, too. Tillie winchester’s past is about to come back to haunt her, and what she sees as fun and games someone else sees as a recipe for murder.

When a local woman is poisoned at Hemlock Cove’s senior center, Aunt Tillie is the prime suspect.


Life's a Witch Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 7

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - Life's a witch. It’s clear they’re up to something, but no one can figure out what. Aunt tillie is loading for bear. And then you die. Bay winchester is living the witch part – literally. She’s declared war on her sister, and she’s not taking prisoners – or looking to skirt collateral damage. When a young man’s body shows up at hollow creek, bay’s attention is divided thanks to a morose ghost who blames her for ending “party time” and Aunt Tillie’s refusal to back down.

Life's a Witch Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 7 #ad - Fbi agent landon michaels enjoys watching the show, although he’s worried the dead man’s ties to the local drug trade could put the Winchesters in danger due to Aunt Tillie’s “glaucoma medicine” side business. Local kids are trying to steal from the property, aunt Willa is trying to undermine everyone and Aunt Tillie has a secret that she’s dying to spill – that is when she’s not protecting her land with a shotgun.

Bay is determined to find answers, even if she dies in the process. She’s hoping to avoid the dying part. The winchester world is full of trouble when great-aunt Willa and cousin Rosemary come to town.


Witch Me Luck Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 6

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - When suspicion falls upon Sam Cornell, the Winchesters have to gather together to prove his innocence or guilt. Clove is despondent, thistle is on a revenge mission and Aunt Tillie is … well … Aunt Tillie. As usual, the Winchester witches are in an uproar. As the clues start to fit together, Bay realizes she has to wade through a pack of lies to find the truth.

Bay would like to ignore her, but lila isn’t making it easy – especially when she sets her sights on FBI Agent Landon Michaels. Unfortunately for bay, she can’t focus on that predicament when the Hemlock Cove Savings & Loan is held up and a local teller is shot. With landon by her side, and lila nipping at her heels, Bay is going to have to find a way to survive and keep her family together.

Witch Me Luck Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 6 #ad - . Hemlock cove is celebrating a magical birthday, and familiar faces from different places are descending on the town to participate in the party. Everyone is looking forward to the festivities except Bay Winchester, who would rather be hiding from her high school nemesis than chatting her up in the town square.

Lila stevens hasn’t changed since graduation, and Bay remains her favorite target.


Something to Witch About Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 5

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - Clove is hiding something -- and it has nothing to do with the poltergeist. The problem is, she won't admit it. Landon is on vacation. Bay is on a mission to hide her witchy ways, but the discovery of a body -- and the poltergeist that accompanies it -- at The Overlook tips everything into turmoil. Landon's mother doesn't trust them -- and his Aunt Blanche is moving in on Aunt Tillie's man which is causing more trouble than anyone saw coming.

And then you die. It's the dying part vexing Bay Winchester these days. She may be a long-suffering daughter, thankless newspaper editor, and keyed-up girlfriend, but she's barely holding off a royal freakoutLandon's family is visiting the inn -- and they're not exactly open minded. Life's a witch. That's on top of the paranormal havoc the poltergeist is wreaking in every corner of town.

Something to Witch About Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 5 #ad - Bay and thistle are convinced Aunt Tillie knows something about the body the construction company unearthed while erecting her beloved greenhouse. Chief Terry is on edge. That's on top of the fact that Bay's mom and aunts are feigning eternal ignorance. The poltergeist is out for blood, though -- and it will only settle for Winchester blood.


Witching On A Star Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 4

WinchesterShaw Publications #ad - The little girl wants her mother – and she wants Bay to find her. If that wasn't bad enough, bay's boss has brought in a consultant who wants to up the whistler's production to three times a week, Bay's father and uncles are in the midst of opening their own rival inn – which has the middle generation of Winchester witches in a tizzy and Aunt Tillie on the warpath – and FBI agent Landon Michaels is finally embracing the truth about witchcraft.

In short order, landon is still suspicious when it comes to the winchesters and Aunt Tillie finds she has an unlikely suitor in pursuit of her curmudgeonly affections, Bay finds out that there may be more than one ghost in need of help, which doesn't stop her from cursing the youngest witches in the family when the mood hits.

It's just a normal week in hemlock cove – that is until the truth about two small ghosts blows sky high and brings a world of trouble to the Winchester witches' doorstep. Note: these books are full of sarcasm and are a little bit snarky -- so read only if you like to laugh and you aren't easily offended.

Witching On A Star Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 4 #ad - Unfortunately, just the opposite is true. As a way to distract aunt tillie, the Winchester family has decided to give her a new project: Her own greenhouse. When you're a witch, being wicked comes naturally. For the winchester witches, though, being wicked is only half the fun. After a long winter, spring has finally hit Hemlock Cove and Bay Winchester thinks things are finally settling down in the town – and with her family.