The Strain: Mr Quinlan–Vampire Hunter #4

Dark Horse - Can he hold out against the vampire menace lurking in the desert and fulfill his mission?* The origin of Mr. Quinlan from the strain—by pan’s labyrinth and Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro and writer David Lapham—begins here! Read the comic! watch the series!Quinlan races against time to move the dwindling troops into place and support Tacitus’s surge against the Berber horde.

The Strain: Mr Quinlan--Vampire Hunter #3

Dark Horse - While leading heat-stricken and water-deprived Roman soldiers through the scorching desert to fight back against the Berber hordes, Quinlan uncovers a grave scheme that has the potential to obliterate his troops entirely. The origin of Mr. Quinlan from the strain—by pan’s labyrinth and Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro and writer David Lapham—begins here!

The Strain: Mr Quinlan--Vampire Hunter #5

Dark Horse - Violence and betrayal abound, changing the course of the vampire hunter’s life as his Roman origin story comes to its thrilling conclusion. Kudos to lapham and crew for adapting del Toro and Hogan’s story and making it into something truly incredible. Graphic Policy. Read the comic! watch the series!quinlan returns to Rome, attempting to live a quiet life despite the chaos around him, but the Master has other plans.

The Strain: Mr Quinlan--Vampire Hunter #1

Dark Horse - Quinlan! a vampiric abomination seeks to destroy the monster that sired him. Born as a mistake of a powerful vampire known as the Master and raised in the brutal gladiatorial arenas of ancient Rome, Mr. Quinlan must survive long enough to carry out his mission when his target begins hunting him. Go back to the beginnings of a popular characterfrom The Strain.

Watch the strain on FX! The origin of Mr.

The Strain: Mr Quinlan--Vampire Hunter #2

Dark Horse - Quinlan finds himself up against the fiercest of all of the gladiators. But his chances of survival outside the arena are even worse, as the Master closes in on Mr. Quinlan after years of searching! The origin of Mr. Quinlan from director guillermo del Toro and writer David Lapham, begins here! Watch The Strain on FX.

Read the comic! watch the series! Now a champion in the ancient arenas of Rome, Mr.

The Night Eternal The Strain Trilogy Book 3

William Morrow - The magnificent, hellboy and chuck hogan—whose novel prince of thieves, was praised as, if monstrously warped brainchild of cinematic horror master Guillermo del Toro Pan’s Labyrinth, “one of the 10 best books of the year” by Stephen King—The Night Eternal begins where The Strain and The Fall left off: with the last remnants of humankind enslaved by the vampire masters in a world forever shrouded by nuclear winter.

Still, in the final book of the ingenious dark fantasy trilogy that Newsweek says is, a small band of the living fights on in the shadows, “good enough to make us break that vow to swear off vampire stories. ”. It just doesn’t get much better than this. Nelson demillethe stunning new york times bestselling vampire saga that author Dan Simmons Drood, “an unholy spawn of I Am Legend out of ‘Salem’s Lot, The Terror calls, ” concludes with The Night Eternal.

The Night Eternal The Strain Trilogy Book 3 - The most credible and frightening of all the vampire books of the past decade. San francisco chronicle“Bram Stoker meets Stephen King meets Michael Crichton.

The Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy

William Morrow - Horror fiction and dark fantasy fans will be swept up in this epic story that bestselling author Nelson DeMille describes as “Bram Stoker meets Stephen King meets Michael Crichton. ”. The fall picks up where the strain left off—with a vampiric infection spreading like wildfire across America as a small band of heroes struggles to save the dwindling human race from the vampire plague.

A cross between the Hot Zone and ’Salem’s Lot. Entertainment weekly“I cannot wait to see where Del Toro and Hogan take us next. James rollins, new york times bestselling author of bloodlinethe wait is over! guillermo del toro, one of Hollywood’s most popular and imaginative storytellers Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Hammett Award-winning thriller writer Chuck Hogan Prince of Thieves return with The Fall—the second blood-chilling volume in their critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling Strain Trilogy.

The Strain The Strain Trilogy Book 1

William Morrow - A high-tech vampire epic. Terrifying. San francisco chronicle“Part The Andromeda Strain, part Night of the Living Dead. Salon. Com“chuck hogan is known for his taut thrillers, Guillermo del Toro for his surreal horror films…The Strain brings out the best of each. Minneapolis star tribunean epic battle for survival begins between man and vampire in The Strain—the first book in a heart-stopping trilogy from one of Hollywood’s most inventive storytellers and a critically acclaimed thriller writer.

Guillermo del toro, the genius director of the Academy Award-winning Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, and Hammett Award-winning author Chuck Hogan have joined forces to boldly reinvent the vampire novel. Brilliant, and unputdownable, blood-chilling, The Strain is a nightmare of the first order.

The Strain Volume 6: The Night Eternal

Dark Horse Books - Ephraim goodweather finally snap and make a deal to see his son? Or will he use some newfound information to destroy the Master once and for all? Collects The Strain: The Night Eternal#7–#12. If you’re enjoying the TV series, then you better get the Straincomic right now. Bloody Disgusting. The final volume!the rebels’ victory at camp Liberty has emboldened their efforts against the Master’s vampire army, but a traitor in their ranks leaves an opening for the Master to strike back even harder.

The fate of humanity ultimately resides with one man. Will Dr.

The Strain Volume 5: The Night Eternal

Dark Horse Books - As humanity despairs, Dr. Now able to roam freely, the Master's legion of vampires rule the world--a horrifying police state where humans are harvested for blood. Two years after the Master's plan succeeded and near apocalypse coated the world in eternal darkness. Ephraim goodweather and an unlikely team of heroes continue their fight against extinction and hope to unlock the secret to the Master's demise.

Collects the strain: The Night Eternal #1-6.

The Strain Volume 1

Dark Horse Books - When a boeing 777 lands at jfk international Airport and goes dark on the runway, the Center for Disease Control, fearing a terrorist attack, calls in Dr. Ephraim goodweather and his team of expert biological-threat first responders. In one month, the country. Only an elderly pawnbroker from Spanish Harlem suspects a darker purpose behind the event--an ancient threat intent on covering mankind in darkness.

. In one week, Manhattan will be gone. This horrifying first chapter introduces an outbreak of diabolical proportions that puts a terrifying twist on the vampire genre! Collects issues #1 through #6. In two months--the world.