The Force of Suggestion: part 2 – Changing Perceptions.

#ad - How to shift attitudes and get people to make new decisions, whether they want to or not, the rest is child’s play!!! You can do all of this without any overt hypnosis at all. The force of suggestion part 2: changing perceptions!part 1: foundations, social judgement, with just your words and behaviour? part 1 foundatioNS taught you the core basics: in part 2 you are going to learn all you need to know about attitudes, Part 3: Trojan Horses available now! Part 2 of the Force of Suggestion trilogy is here! Are you ready to start seriously CHANGING PERCEPTIONS invisibly and effortlessly, and the unstoppable language of change! Once you know 1.

How to pace a suggestee’s beliefs. 13. How to use questions to focus the mind’s experience. 6. How to nudge the competitive personality. 30 What the ‘magic Y’ is and how to use it. 27. Why ambiguity disrupts accurate judgement. 21. How to raise a subject’s acceptance threshold. 22.


The Force of Suggestion: part 3 - Trojan Horses.

#ad - The role of imitation as the engine of human behaviour and change since time immemorial is defrocked! Monkey see, monkey do is one of the truest phrases ever stated. Use sneaky ‘backdoor suggestions’. 16. He has written 10 internationally bestselling books on hypnosis, including the Amazon. Com and. Co. Uk hit ‘how to hypnotise anyone!’.

11. Become a forceful personality without triggering a negative response. How to hypnotise dumb people!23. The hypnotic power of radio: how to take its ploys and make ‘em produce results in creating super-charged suggestions. 4. For newbies: the rogue hypnotist was a highly successful NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist working in London, UK – he cured 99% of his clients in just 1 session.

The Force of Suggestion: part 3 - Trojan Horses. #ad - The power of a ‘. That’s what i’d do’ suggestion. 15. It’s time to put everything together.


Foundations. - The Force of Suggestion: part 1

#ad - Leading questions. 29. The true nature of effective suggestion and THE DEEP MIND!2. Linguistic intensifiers. 27. The force of suggestion part 1: foundations!the entire force of suggestion trilogy course is available now! buy – the force of suggestion part 2: changing perceptions, and part 3: trojan horses in a few clicks!the internationally bestselling author the Rogue Hypnotist is back with a Masterclass level book series: THE FORCE OF SUGGESTION! This trilogy will completely expose the hidden mysteries of suggestion, up to now kept locked away by elite communication experts! After completing his incredibly successful 10 part ‘Confessions of’ series the Rogue Hypnotist decided that no one had yet satisfactorily written a pro level book on the super subtle subject of suggestion, declassified, yet it is a key component not just of hypnosis but of all speech! After reading the powerful insights in these books you will become a MASTER SUGGESTER! You will learn the IRON LAWS of suggestion: the subject is totally demystified, and uncloaked.

Foundations. - The Force of Suggestion: part 1 #ad - How to use moral force!22. Thanatos suggestions!23. The solid structure of suggestive language. 6. The 9 hidden needs everyone has, but no one admits to!16. Conditioning protocols. 30 The devastating power of verbs!9.


Astounding confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist. - Weirdnosis

#ad - The power of authority and imitation: MASTERCLASS LEVEL!17. What monstrous 'psycho-politics' is and how to do it not that you ever should!!!8. A top rank hypnotic induction script for 'resistors'. 27. The rogue hypnotist is a nlp master practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist working in the UK – he cures 99% of his clients in just 1 session.

Let's face it: hypnosis is weird! are you ready to discover just how weird??! As you have almost fully completed your understanding of hypnosis there is 1 final step to take: you must learn about 'Sithnosis'; the unethical use of hypnosis. Get anyone to do what you want without them knowing you did it using 'minimal cues'.

Astounding confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist. - Weirdnosis #ad - 22. How to hypnotise people using poetry: the full linguistic structure is given away and anyone can do it!18. The covert use of New Age hypnosis in US schools. 3. Declassified: suggestibility without hypnosis. 16. Which 4 letters are the most hypnotic and why knowing this will elevate your hypnotic power!19. Heaven forbid not to use it but to be aware of its wormlike reach and to see that just like any other technology hypnosis can be used for good or ill.

The 8 foolproof core patterns that make up ALL stage hypnosis routines.


Wizards of trance - Influential confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

#ad - Most books on persuasion are written by people with no proven track record on being persuasive themselves. You’ll learn the cutting edge nLP that politicians use to get your votes and the surprising and fascinating history of Public Relations PR. 11. A hard core model of how hypnotic advertising really works! The individual and crowd mind are finally demystified! 5.

You will be taught the persuasion principles and formulas that work and you will learn the art and science of symbolism to explode your persuasion success rate. 12. You will penetrate the toxic spells of dark side persuasion from evil men such as Hitler and the Nazis, Machiavelli and the Marxists – shocking truths of how the masses can be turned to the dark side.

9. Revealed - the unknown influences on Dr. You will be taught effective skills, mastery level techniques and much sought after hidden knowledge: by the end of the book you too will be a Wizard of Trance and more besides!Unleash your hypnotically persuasive powers now! Milton erickson that helped him create his unique system of conversational hypnosis with a unique introspection induction script.

The rogue hypnotist is a top uk master practitioner of nlp and a clinical hypnotherapist who can get deep rooted change by persuading the subconscious in under an hour! He has drawn from the best persuaders in history, those whose methods have collectively persuaded millions: now he wants to share these discoveries with you! You need to know how the human mind really works and what actually sways it! You will learn:1.

Wizards of trance - Influential confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist #ad - The advanced language skills of persuasion that appeal to the emotive subconscious. How would you like to be very persuasive and yet persuasion proof? up until now – only a select few held this knowledge! no more! wizards of trance is the 5th book in the internationally bestselling Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist series! In his latest work inspired by deep research, the Rogue Hypnotist shows you the easy to use principles that will ensure you are a Master Hypnotic Persuader or as he calls it: Wizard of Trance! Drawing on famous and unlikely Trance Wizards from ancient times to the present day, the Rogue Hypnotist has identified the reoccurring patterns that can make anyone hypnotically persuasive: whether you are a professional hypnotist or not you will supercharge your effective communication with this totally unique and acceessable book.


Crafting hypnotic spells! - Casebook confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

#ad - The way to market appeals to youth, women and men!4. Create powerful ‘pleasure spells’ that will spark ‘blissnosis’ in the miserable and make all women orgasm on command!16. Hypnotic time distortion in music + the ‘Beyond time’ script! 20 Learn mastery level hypnotic cold reading skills that tap into peoples most deeply felt needs and drives!17.

The winner’s way to do ‘erotic hypnosis’ and avoid weird potential dangers!3. How to create cross cultural rapport at will. 19. Hypnosis in religion exposed!13. Mastery level sports hypnosis gems!15. Learn how to create ‘hypnotic robots’! And avoid becoming one!!!12. The power of being able to dissociate and associate clients/subjects at will!7.

Crafting hypnotic spells! - Casebook confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist #ad - The long awaited book 6, ‘crafting hypnotic spells!’ in the Rogue Hypnotist series is finally here! All great hypnotists need a word-horde, a spell book to aid them in their efforts! After all what are you going to do once your subject/client etc. Is hypnotised? i mean at an advanced level! the rogue hypnotist's system of hypnosis is taken a step further so that you can learn his method of crafting hypnotic suggestions which he calls – ‘Directly Indirect’! Case book transcripts of ‘factional’ hypnotherapy client sessions will show you what the real work in the trenches is like and more! You will learn…1.

Advanced level symbology work with multiple applications: ‘SSC’ – ‘Symbolic Subconscious Communications’!8. And a special and revealing surprise!!! buy today or be left behind by those who have a hypnotist’s spell book all their own! Only greater success awaits you! The truth is – this stuff is EASY! And learning it is fun and funny in the Rogue Hypnotist’s inimitable style!


Hypnotically Annihilating Anxiety - Penetrating Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

#ad - With this book the pillars of anxiety will come tumbling down!!! If the Rogue Hypnotist can do it so can YOU! Discover how to profoundly relax mind and body using hypnosis – the foundation stone of an anxiety free life! Learn the difference between fear and anxiety! 2. Learn about the dangers of using 'medication' drugs to treat anxiety disorders.

Successful protocols for treating anxious children and removing any phobia in one session are explained simply. 10 Anxiety is just a warning signal like pain that something is wrong in a person's life! Satisfied people don't get anxiety disorders! Major anxiety problems will be demystified once and for all.

Hypnotically Annihilating Anxiety - Penetrating Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist #ad - 7. The book is divided into 2 parts: firstly - understanding the major anxiety problems thoroughly; secondly - 20 plus scripts for addressing each anxiety disorder in depth. The brute facts as to why western Civilisation is experiencing a mental health catastrophe! The 'social basis' of anxiety is made plain.

13. One of his specialities is anxiety annihilation! With real expertise, anxiety is very easy to get rid of! Hypnosis is THE anxiety annihilator par excellence! Human suffering is the root cause of human anxiety. Heal' premature ejaculation, impotence and inorgasmia. 5. 8.


Strategic Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist! - Hypnotically Deprogramming Addiction

#ad - What addictions really are!2. Why there is no such thing as an ‘addictive personality’. 14. How to interview a client with an addiction briefly and purposefully. 3. The processes unveiled and brought together in this hypnotic deprograming manual will make your success rate with addiction clients skyrocket!In this no nonsense book you will learn… 1.

Get it before your competition – never before in one place have such a comprehensive range of addiction smashing strategies been made available for hypnotists, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and just the downright interested; and the best thing is they all work in the field! If you can speak you can use this potent information easily! What are you waiting for!? Everything you need is right here! Unleash your client’s addiction recovery potential - today!

Strategic Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist! - Hypnotically Deprogramming Addiction #ad - How to boost addicts’ self-esteem and worth so that they feel good without drugs!11. How to dissociate clients from addicted states of mind!5. The real causes of the drug plague in the Western world!13. How to help a client identify and satisfy their universal human needs so they can stay 100% drug addiction free permanently!10

Why the teen brain is predisposed to drug use!12. Hypnotically deprogramming addiction’ is the 8th book in the rogue hypnotist series! the internationally bestselling author on hypnosis is almost giving away his entire addiction busting system for next to nothing! The world class information in this book will help ANY hypnotist/therapist create addiction ‘self-cure’ in your clients in about an hour! Addictions can be speedily beaten! The Rogue Hypnotist is a genuine expert on addictions.

How to negotiate with all the parts of a client that uphold an addiction process: 2 addiction lethal formulas show you how.


Startling Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist! - Escaping Cultural Hypnosis

#ad - Own a tv? a radio? ever read a newspaper or book? have you learnt the alphabet or numbers? Then you’ve been culturally hypnotised! Cultural hypnosis can literally override your instincts! In this amazing expose you will learn…1. How all media and technology are inherently hypnotic and by their very nature alter your perceptions of reality! 23.

Hypnosis in schools!7. Hypnosis and the so-called ‘occult’, ‘New Age’ and ‘Human potential movement’!12. Why most people simply can’t think for themselves!11. Cultural hypnosis is so widespread that you probably don’t even know you’ve experienced it: but you definitely have. What strobonic injection is!22.

Who the self-appointed ‘culture Creators’ are who want to use cultural hypnosis to manipulate you and everyone you know!25. What high hypnotisability really is! With the most cutting edge insights from top psychologists!2. How ‘subliminals’ really work and oh so much more! you are definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto!If you want to know why the modern Western world is so crazy, anxiety and addictions are skyrocketing, why depression, why the media is so powerful and so biased you NEED this book.

Startling Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist! - Escaping Cultural Hypnosis #ad - Hypnotherapists, hypnotists, nlpers, stage hypnotists, the curious and the downright enthusiastic are going to be blown away by perhaps the most important and controversial Rogue Hypnotist book yet! This book is for EVERYONE! The information is easy to digest: the implications? Mind boggling! After reading this book you will be more likely to succeed at anything! Get your copy today! .

How to rescue someone from a cult and deprogramme them! 14. Why we live in ‘opposite world’!21.


Revealing Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist - Powerful Hypnosis

#ad - What to do if client’s cry what ‘self-esteem’ isn’t!14. What addiction really is. Why all therapies and therapists are mad!6. 2. A comprehensive reading list of unique books that aren’t necessarily about hypnosis to be a great hypnotist!16. Why you should never use anything ‘discovered’ by Freud. The 20 ‘universal human needs, ’ and why you need to know about them to help others.

Revealing Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist - Powerful Hypnosis #ad - How to do effective parts work and what parts to negotiate with: level 1. The power of your hypnotic intent and expectation and the 21 questions that imply anyone into trance. 20 How to use metaphor and story to get change – detailed analysis and scripts. 15. How to handle ‘ego syntonic’ clients and why NLP is very overrated.

22. How to ensure drug addicts don’t get withdrawal, how to eliminate mysterious psycho-somatic pain, how to remove client’s limiting beliefs – scripts provided. 12. Understand why it’s spreading like wildfire. How to do ‘hypnotic cold reading. 11.


Forbidden hypnotic secrets! - Incredible confessions of the Rogue Hypnotist!

#ad - 3. The modus operandi of how to seriously perfect your hypnotic stare. 7. The subconscious code of hypnotic symbology!21. The most guarded secrets of stage and street hypnosis unleashed: learn how to prime, idea seed, juice the imagination and more to get amazing results! 14. Your hypnotic skills and communication abilities will sky-rocket!

The siren like hypnotic power and principles of catchy songs revealed! 6. The forbidden history of hypnosis: the ageless, timeless principles behind all successful hypnosis will be uncovered in rapid detail. Amazing methods of how to induce waking eyes open hypnosis in absolutely anyone: guaranteed! 2. The true power of evil hypnosis and the voodoo curse! 13.

Forbidden hypnotic secrets! - Incredible confessions of the Rogue Hypnotist! #ad - The privileged processes of cults, brainwashing and so much more! The ‘classified’ techniques of many aspects of hypnosis will be laid bare! No other book on hypnosis has so comprehensively given away such a breath of knowledge, with so many rare scripts on highly effective hypnosis and NLP. The secret and devastating hypnotic power of psychopaths and how to spot them! 8.

The key to communicating with your own subconscious! 23. The unknown principles for curing skin problems with hypnosis!17. The secrets of goal achievement deciphered! 22. A treasure trove of hypnotic pain control secrets for children and adults with or without trance.