Hold You Close

Love & Olives Ink, LLC - Every time i see him climbing out of his pool, practically naked and unreasonably sexy, my blood boils. I’ve always loved to loathe him. I never planned to need him. London parish is my little sister’s best friend, not that it stopped me from falling for her. Our history is complicated. The only thing we have in common is being godparents to my sister’s three adorable kids—until our lives are changed in one tragic moment.

Now we’re trying to raise the children we love, mourn an unthinkable loss, and fight an undeniable attraction. My life is already upside-down, and the last thing I need is for old feelings to resurface. Because i’ll never be able to keep her, no matter how hard I try to hold her close. From nyt bestseller corinne michaels & USA Today Bestseller Melanie Harlow, comes a second chance standalone romance novel.

Hold You Close - Ian chase broke my heart at seventeen, and I’ve spent the last eighteen years hating him for it. He makes it easy, with his smart mouth and playboy lifestyle—which I unfortunately have to observe since he lives behind me.

Imperfect Match

Love & Olives Ink. - From nyt bestseller corinne michaels & USA Today Bestseller Melanie Harlow, comes a sexy friends to lovers standalone romance. Rule number one for a professional matchmaker?Don’t fall in love with your client. I screwed that up when I fell for my best friend, Reid Fortino. We were an imperfect match from the start, but I don’t know how to let him go.

He’s gorgeous, successful, and sexy as hell. What’s the harm if we give in for just one night?I should have known that would never be enough. Now i’m on the verge of losing my job and my heart. I figured it would be easy to find him a match—and save the family business at the same time. But the more time i spend attempting to find the perfect girl, the more I realize how much I want him for my own.

Not Until You

BAAE Inc. - No sleeping with clients of my interior design firm. Since the last guy turned out to be married, they’ve been easy to follow. Until him. Callum huxley is a ridiculously sexy Brit, and the connection we have the moment our eyes lock scares the ever-loving hell out of me. It might be the most embarrassing moment of my professional life.

No relationships, falling in love or attachments. 2. Sure enough, at the biggest meeting of my career waits the CEO of Dovetail Enterprises—him. We own tonight heather & noahnot until you nicole & CallumIf I Only Knew Danielle & EliOne Last Time Kristin & Milo . And breaking my no-client rule might just be the hottest moment of my personal life.

Not Until You - Learning to trust has never felt so good, but falling has never hurt so bad. There are four standalone novels in The Second Time Around Series. Thank god i came to my senses before going back to his hotel where I would’ve ended up naked, panting, and unable to forget him. Thinking i walked away from that night unscathed was stupid.

From new york times and usa Today bestselling author Corinne Michaels comes a new sexy standalone romance novel. I have two rules in life:1.

Undeniable: A Cloverleigh Farms Standalone

- He said you couldn’t break a leg from a 12-foot jump. He lied. You can also break a collarbone, which served him right as far as I wasconcerned. I wish i could say it was the last dare i ever took from him, the last betI ever made with him, the last time I ever *trusted* Oliver Ford Pemberton. But it wasn’t.

Because he had the nerve to grow up gorgeous, charming, and sexy. And as wegot older, the dares only got dirtier—and the betting stakes higher—untilfinally, he left me in pieces. I swore i’d never talk to him again. But twenty years after i took that flying leap, he’s back in my life, my self-worth, daring me to risk everything for him: my job, and my heart.

Undeniable: A Cloverleigh Farms Standalone - How many chances does true love deserve? When we were eleven, Oliver Ford Pemberton dared me to jump off a barnroof.

Only Love

- A lot. But he’s moody and challenging--one minute he’s an open book, and the next he’s completely closed off. He also makes me want to take my clothes off. Who better to call than her newly single therapist granddaughter?She even fakes dementia to get me to visit, and now that I’m here she’s doing everything in her power to throw us together.

Not that I’m complaining. He holds me like he’ll never let go, but insists he wants to be alone. I was expecting a proposal on my birthday, and I got dumped instead. How could i have been so clueless?Grams knew exactly how to distract me. The gorgeous former marine next door who’s been helping her with yard work clearly needs a little therapy.

Only Love - Some wounds are so deep, only love can heal them. How can i convince him to let me try? And yes, his package is full, and he knows exactly how to deliver it. He makes me want to get out of my head and follow my heart. Ryan is the sexiest man i’ve ever met--I mean the full package, from the chiseled jaw to the massive shoulders to the rippling abs.

He makes me want to take chances I never thought I’d take.

If I Only Knew

BAAE Inc. - He’s there for me when no one else is. As if that’s not bad enough, he has to be devastatingly sexy, and have a posh English accent that makes me squirm on top of it all. I was without a husband and a provider. Instead of wallowing in my grief, I buried myself in my work at Dovetail Enterprises. I’ve had enough unpredictability for one lifetime, thank you.

But soon enough, we’re fighting less and laughing more. We own tonight heather & callumif i only knew danielle & EliOne Last Time Kristin & NoahNot Until You Nicole & Milo . Landing the promotion as the CEO’s right hand was exactly what I needed. Getting saddled with Milo Huxley as an assistant is exactly the opposite.

If I Only Knew - I can’t stand him. He’s arrogant, irresponsible, and out for my job. There are four standalone novels in The Second Time Around Series. New york times bestseller Corinne Michaels brings a new heartwarming second chance at love standalone romance. My life was perfect – until a shocking tragedy pulled the rug out from underneath me.

My children were left without a father.

Irresistible Cloverleigh Farms Book 1

- Sexy, heartfelt--did i mention sexy? with the perfect touch of the forbidden, melanie Harlow has outdone herself with single dad Mack and Frannie’s story!”—Ilsa Madden-Mills, Wall Street Journal bestselling authorI’m a full-time single dad to three daughters and CFO at Cloverleigh Farms. And now i have to choose between the life I want and the life she deserves.

Even if it means giving her up. It’s bad enough i can’t stop fantasizing about her, what kind of jerk would I be if I acted on the impulse to kiss her?Exactly the kind of jerk you’re thinking. Actually, i’m worse than that—because I didn’t stop with a kiss, and now I can’t stay away. She makes me feel like myself again.

Irresistible Cloverleigh Farms Book 1 - She reminds me what it’s like to want something just for me. She’s everything I ever needed, but nothing I ever imagined. I’m a former Marine. I should have had the strength to resist her from the start. But i didn’t. I don’t have time to fall in love—i’m too busy trying to run a business, keep the red socks out of the white laundry, and get the damn pillowcases on without owing a dollar to the swear jar.

Sure, frannie sawyer is beautiful and sweet, the boss’s daughter, but she’s twenty-seven,  and my new part-time nanny—which means she’s completely off-limits.

Only Him

- How can i convince him that sometimes your first love deserves a second chance? It doesn't take long for our trip down memory lane to go from sweet to sizzling. We're just as good together as we were back then--better, even—but something has him convinced it's too late for us. So when he shows up out of the blue asking me to have dinner with him "for old time's sake, " I say I will.

He says i should forget him and find someone else, someone better. Because he still does something to me. He's got those eyes that make me weak, those hands that drive me wild, and a body I can't resist. After all, it's been twelve years since he broke my heart, and I'm totally over him. Or so I thought. A sexy and emotional standalone second chance romance, and I absolutely loved it with all of my heart!" -- The Romance Bibliophile He was my first crush, my first kiss, my first everything.

Only You One and Only Book 1

MH Publishing - I don’t want to be just another girl leaving his apartment in the morning. I want to be the one he asks to stay. Because watching him with his daughter, i start to see another side of Nate, a side that has my breath coming faster, my body craving his, my heart longing for him to change his mind about love and tell me there’s a chance for us.

So when one of the baton twirlers from his parade leaves a baby girl at his door with a note that says “I’ll come back for her” and he begs me for help, I can’t turn him down. But it’s a mistake. Nate pearson is ridiculously handsome and wears the hell out of a suit and tie, but I’ve seen the parade of beautiful women leaving his apartment across the hall—a different one every time—and I want no part of it.

Only You One and Only Book 1 - The only time we really get along is when we’re watching 007 flicks together, and I’ll admit—he has rescued me from a disaster or five. When it comes to romance, I’m looking for something real, something that will last: the happily ever after. Everything except James Bond. As a divorce attorney, he loves to tell me there’s no such thing.

As a wedding planner, I choose to disagree. We disagree on almost everything, in fact.

From This Moment After We Fall Book 4

Unknown - Everything about wes reminds me of the man I lost and the life we’d planned together, and after eighteen long months struggling just to get out of bed, I’m finally doing okay. It was like seeing a ghost. But life has taught me its cruelest lesson--love doesn't always win. If only my heart would believe it.

I have a new job, an amazing support group, and a beautiful five-year-old daughter to parent. He says he doesn't care what people think, and love can never be wrong. When my late husband’s twin brother moves back to our small town, I want to avoid him. Before long, that understanding becomes desire, and that desire becomes uncontrollable.

From This Moment After We Fall Book 4 - I don’t want to go backward. But i’m drawn to him, too. He understands my grief and anger and guilt like no one else—and I understand his.

One Last Time

BAAE Publishing - Divorcing him was the best decision I ever made. So, what do i do? Get drunk and humiliate myself, of course. I’m ready to forget the awkward night, yet Noah has no intention of allowing me to move on. Practically naked and dripping wet. From new york times bestselling author, Corinne Michaels, comes a new heartwarming standalone romance.

I’m getting really good at cutting my losses. First, the husband. Instead, he arranges for me to write a feature on him, ensuring a lot more time together. When a celebrity blogging position falls into my lap, I’m determined to succeed. That is, until i get my first assignment and actually see Noah Frazier for the first time.

One Last Time - My heart races and I forget how to form complete sentences. There are four standalone books in The Second Time Around series. We own tonight heather & elione last time kristin & NoahNot Until You Nicole & CallumIf I Only Knew Danielle & Milo . One embarrassing moment after another, and before I can stop myself, one kiss after another, I realize—I’m falling in love with him.

But when the unthinkable happens, can I even blame him for cutting his losses?What I wouldn’t give for just one last time.