Buechner 101: Essays and Sermons by Frederick Buechner

Frederick Buechner Center - Buechner's work has often been praised for its ability to inspire readers to see the grace in their daily lives. Among his most beloved works are the book of bebb, now and then, and a finalist for the pulitzer prize in 1981; secrets in the Dark, and The Eyes of the Heart; and his best selling book, Telling Secrets, The Sacred Journey, a first person narrative of the life of the medieval saint, a collection of sermons; four volumes of memoir, a tetralogy based on the character Leo Bebb; Godric, Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditations with Frederick Buechner.

. The book also features tributes by admirers such as Lamott, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Brian McLaren. Published by the frederick buechner Center, sermons, the volume samples his essays, and curated by Anne Lamott, and excerpts from memoirs and novels. Buechner 101 introduces critically-acclaimed and widely-admired author Frederick Buechner to a new generation of readers, many of whom already know of him from widely shared quotes on social media.

Buechner 101: Essays and Sermons by Frederick Buechner - In addition, Buechner has been the recipient of the O. One of the most important writer-theologians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Buechner is an ordained Presbyterian minister and a Pulitzer-nominated writers’ writer. He is continually listed among the most read authors by Christian audiences.

A prolific writer for six decades, essays, autobiography, Buecher has published more than thirty books in a variety of genres: fiction, theology, and sermons. As stated in the london free Press, "He is one of our great novelists because he is one of our finest religious writers.

The Remarkable Ordinary: How to Stop, Look, and Listen to Life

Zondervan - Your remarkable life is happening right here, right now. He reflects on how both art and faith teach us how to pay attention to the remarkableness right in front of us, to watch for the greatness in the ordinary, and to use our imaginations to see the greatness in others and love them well. As you learn to listen to your life and what God is doing in it, you will uncover the plot of your life’s story and the sacred opportunity to connect with the Divine in each moment.

 . You may not be able to see it – your life may seem predictable and your work insignificant until you look at your life as Frederick Buechner does. Based on a series of mostly unpublished lectures, look, Frederick Buechner reveals how to stop, and listen to your life.

A Crazy, Holy Grace: The Healing Power of Pain and Memory

Zondervan - Crazy and unreal as it may sometimes seem, God’s holy, healing grace is always present and available if we are still enough to receive it.  . In this essential collection of essays, including one never before published, Frederick Buechner finds that the God who might seem so silent is ever near. When pain is real, grief, why is god silent?Frederick Buechner has grappled with the nature of pain, and grace ever since his father committed suicide when Buechner was a young boy.

He writes about what it means to be a steward of our pain, and about this grace from God that seems arbitrary and yet draws us to his holiness and care. And he reveals that pain and sorrow can be a treasure—an amazing grace. Buechner says that loss will come to all of us, but he writes that we are not alone.

A Crazy, Holy Grace: The Healing Power of Pain and Memory - He continued that search as a father when his daughter struggled with anorexia. Finally he writes about the magic of memory and how it can close up the old wounds with the memories of past goodnesses and graces from God. Here now are the best of buechner’s writings on pain and loss, covering such topics as the power of hidden secrets, letting go, resurrection from the ruins, peace, loss of a dearly beloved, and listening for the quiet voice of God.

Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditations with Frederick Buechner

HarperOne - Daily meditations taken from the works of an acclaimed novelist, essayist, and preacher who has articulated what he sees with a freshness and clarity and energy that hails our stultified imaginations. HarperOne.

Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy Tale

Harper & Row - HarperOne. A fresh, creative look at the underlying meaning of the Gospels that stresses the many dimensions of God's relationship to humanity. HarperOne.

Wishful Thinking: A Seeker's ABC

HarperOne - In his often ironic and always keen-sighted reflections on such terms as agnostic, and sin, love, envy, he invited us to look at theses everyday words in new and enlightening ways. HarperOne. Freshly revised and expanded for this edition, the doubter, Wishful Thinking is a "beguiling" Time adventure in language for the restless believer, and all who love words.

HarperOne. HarperOne. In wishful thinking, the universe, the first book in his much-loved lexical trilogy, Frederick Buechner puts the language of God, and the human spirit under his wry linguistic microscope.

Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons

HarperCollins - This theme pervades this definitive collection of sermons, delivered throughout Buechner's lifetime. Turn the pages and rediscover what it means to be thoughtful about faith. Reflecting buechner's exquisite gift for storytelling and his compassionate pastor's heart, hope, Secrets in the Dark will inspire laughter, and bring great solace.

See why this renowned writer has been quoted in countless pulpits and beloved by Americans for generations. He reveals the presence of God in the midst of daily life. HarperOne. Listen to your life!" is his clarion call. Presented chronologically, they provide a clear picture of the development of his theology and thinking.

Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons - He is a passionate writer and preacher who can alter lives with a simple phrase. Frederick buechner has long been a kindred spirit to those who find elements of doubt as constant companions on their journey of faith. He faces and embraces difficult questions and doubt as essential components of our lives, rather than as enemies that destroy us.

Buechner's words, both written and spoken, have the power to revolutionize and revitalize belief and faith. HarperOne. HarperOne.

Godric: A Novel

HarperOne - HarperOne. He contrives a style of speech for his narrator--Godric himself--that's brisk and tough-sinewed. He avoids metaphysical fiddle, responsibilities, embedding his narrative in domestic reality--familiar affection, disasters. All on his own, Mr. Frederick buechner's godric "retells the life of Godric of Finchale, a twelfth-century English holy man whose projects late in life included that of purifying his moral ambition of pride.

. Sin, rebirth, spiritual yearning, fierce asceticism--these hagiographic staples aren't easy to revitalize but Frederick Buechner goes at the task with intelligent intensity and a fine readiness to invent what history doesn't supply. Godric is a living battleground where God fights it out with the world, the Flesh, and the Devil.

Godric: A Novel - London times literary supplement "Wityh a poet's sensibly and a high reverent fancy, Frederick Buechner paints a memorable portrait. Edmund fuller, The Wall Street Journal HarperOne. Prescott, newsweek "Godric is a memorable book. A marvelous gem of a book.

Whistling in the Dark: A Doubter's Dictionary

HarperOne - Awry and thought-provoking jaunt through the spiritual terrain of our everyday language -- a lexion of uncommon insight to jar the mind and nourish the soul. HarperOne. I think of faith as a kind of whistling in the dark, " writes Buechner, because in much the same way, "it helps to give us courage and to hold the shadows at bay.

HarperOne. HarperOne.

Peculiar Treasures

HarperOne - HarperOne. In this second book of his popular lexical trilogy, Frederick Buechner profiles more than 125 of the Bible's most holy and profane people -- and one whale. In his lively and witty prose, buechner brings to life such moments from scripture as:Adam's pangs of regret for a remembered EdenDelilah's last glimpse of Samson as they dragged him awayLazarus's first impressions upon rising from the deadTo read Peculiar Treasures is to realize that many of these legendary figures are not who we thought they were.

. But they are -- in their human dreams, ambitions, and imperfections -- very much like us. HarperOne. HarperOne.

The Sacred Journey: A Memoir of Early Days

HarperOne - HarperOne. HarperOne. This memoir reflects on key moments of the author's early life, from childhood to his entering seminary, that reveal how God speaks to us in a variety of ways every moment of every day. HarperOne.