Adventures of an IT Leader

Harvard Business Press - You can formulate your own responses to a CIO's obstacles by reading the authors' regular "Reflection" questions. You'll turn to this book many times as you face IT-related issues in your own career. For example, need to learn about crisis management and security? Read chapters 10-12. Becoming an effective it manager presents a host of challenges--from anticipating emerging technology to managing relationships with vendors, employees, and other managers.

You'll see jim struggle through a challenging first year, handling and fumbling situations that, although fictional, are based on true events. You can read this book from beginning to end, or treat is as a series of cases. A good it manager must also be a strong business leader. This book invites you to accompany new CIO Jim Barton to better understand the role of IT in your organization.

Adventures of an IT Leader - You can also skip around to address your most pressing needs.

Corporate Information Strategy and Management: Text and Cases

McGraw-Hill Education - This new edition examines how information technology IT enables organizations to conduct business in radically different and more effective ways. The author’s objective is to provide readers with a better understanding of the influence of twenty-first century technologies on business decisions. The 8th edition discusses today’s challenges from the point of view of the executives who are grappling with them.

. Corporate information strategy and management: Text and Cases 8/e by Applegate, Austin, and Soule is written for students and managers who desire an overview of contemporary information systems technology management. This text is comprised of an extensive collection of Harvard Business cases devoted to Information Technology.

IT's hidden face: Everything you always wanted to know about Information Technology. A look behind the scenes

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - An experienced banking-CIO reveals the world of Information Technology in a company. Why do it projects fail or always take longer than expected? why is software so unstable? What do IT experts do all day, and why are there so many? What about IT security? This book is a translation of the second edition of the bestselling German book "Eine Million oder ein Jahr".

And this gap creates many victims-on both sides! This book is a one-of-a-kind bridge-builder for computer users to understand IT and to be able to talk to IT experts. It is deliberately written in layman's language and avoids IT-specific technical terms. Used book in Good Condition. There's a grand-canyon-sized gap between the expectations of computer users and what an IT department can effectively do.

Essentials of MIS 11th Edition

Pearson - Here’s how: personalize learning with MyMISLab—the online homework, tutorial, and assessment program that fosters learning within and beyond the classroom. An important part of the core text is the video case study and Instructional Video Package: 24 video case studies 2 per chapter plus 16 instructional videos that illustrate business uses of information systems, explain new technologies, and explore concepts.

Cover the most essential topics in MIS using an integrated framework for describing and analyzing information systems. For undergraduate and graduate MIS courses. The core text consists of 12 chapters with hands-on projects covering the most essential topics in MIS. Connect classroom knowledge to everyday life by showing information systems composed of people, and technology elements, organization, reinforced in student projects and case studies.

This in-depth look at how today's businesses use information technologies is part of a complete learning package that includes the core text and extensive supplemental online materials. Teaching and learning experience ¿ This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students.

Essentials of MIS 11th Edition - Used book in Good Condition. That package includes isbn-10: 0133576841/isbn-13: 9780133576849 and isbn-10: 0133581780/iSBN-13: 9780133581782. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and mymisLab search for ISBN-10: 013380688X/ISBN-13: 9780133806885. Videos are keyed to the topics of each chapter.

IT Strategy: Issues and Practices 3rd Edition

Pearson - This edition has been overhauled in order to reflect the most important issues facing IT managers today. Used book in Good Condition. As with the first two editions, this revision combines the insights of senior IT managers with academic research, bringing IT management to life and demonstrating how IT strategy plays out in contemporary business.

It strategy: issues and practices, Third Edition provides a critical issues perspective that shows students how to deliver business value.

Marketing Management: Knowledge and Skills, 11th Edition

McGraw-Hill Education - The framework and structure of the book is integrated throughout the sections of the new edition. Each section has as its objective either knowledge enhancement or skill development, or both. The goal of this text is to enhance students knowledge of marketing management and to advance their skills in developing successful marketing strategies.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. The basic structure of the text continues to evolve and expand with numerous updates and revisions throughout. Marketing management, 11e, is a text and casebook written by Peter and Donnelly. The six stage learning approach is the focus of the text. It is praised in the market for its organization, clarity, format, brevity and flexibility.

Implementing World Class IT Strategy: How IT Can Drive Organizational Innovation

Jossey-Bass - Used book in Good Condition. This approach focuses the development of technology tools and strategies in a way that is comprehensive in nature and designed with the concept of value in mind. His ideas are designed to provide real, actionable steps for CIOs that both increase the executive's value to the organization and unite business and IT in a manner that produces highly-successful outcomes.

Formulate clearer and better it strategic plans weave it strategy into business strategy at the corporate and business unit levels Craft an infrastructure that aligns with C-suite strategy Close the gap that exists between IT leaders and business leaders While function, innovation, and design remain key elements to the development and management of IT infrastructure and operations, CIOs must now think beyond their primary purview and recognize the value their strategies and initiatives will create for the organization.

With implementing world Class IT Strategy, the roadmap to strategic IT excellence awaits. The actionable guide for driving organizational innovation through better IT strategy With rare insight, expert technology strategist Peter High emphasizes the acute need for IT strategy to be developed not in a vacuum, but in concert with the broader organizational strategy.

Implementing World Class IT Strategy: How IT Can Drive Organizational Innovation - The role of cio is no longer "just" to manage it strategy—instead, the successful executive will be firmly in tune with corporate strategy and a driver of a technology strategy that is woven into overall business objectives at the enterprise and business unit levels. Jossey-Bass. High makes use of case examples from leading companies to illustrate the various ways that IT infrastructure strategy can be developed, not just to fall in line with business strategy, but to actually drive that strategy in a meaningful way.

Used book in Good Condition.

Operations and Supply Chain Management McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series Operations and Decision Sciences

McGraw-Hill Education - Resourceful companies today must successfully manage the entire supply flow, through the value-added processes of the firm, from the sources of the firm, and on to the customers of the firm. Jossey-Bass. The fourteenth edition of operations and Supply Chain Management provides well-balanced coverage of managing people and applying sophisticated technology to operations and supply chain management.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, and how they need it, when they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.

IT Savvy: What Top Executives Must Know to Go from Pain to Gain

Harvard Business Press - Used book in Good Condition. Companies with it-savvy managers are 20 percent more profitable than their competitors. In it savvy, peter weill and jeanne ross-two of the world's foremost authorities on using IT in business-explain how non-IT executives can acquire this savvy. Used book in Good Condition. Digitization of business interactions and processes is advancing full bore.

You'll discover how to:-define your firm's operating model-how it can help you do business-revamp your it funding model to support your operating model-Build a digitized platform of business processes, and data to execute on the model-Determine IT decision rights-Extract more business value from your IT assetsPacked with examples and based on research into eighteen hundred organizations in more than sixty countries, IT systems, IT Savvy is required reading for non-IT managers seeking to push their company's performance to new heights.

IT Savvy: What Top Executives Must Know to Go from Pain to Gain - Concise and practical, the book describes the practices, competencies, and leadership skills non-IT managers need to succeed in the digital economy. Harvard Business School Press. But in many organizations, returns from IT investments are flatlining, even as technology spending has skyrocketed. These challenges call for new levels of IT savvy: the ability of all managers-IT or non-IT-to transform their company's technology assets into operational efficiencies that boost margins.


HBR Guide to Better Business Writing HBR Guide Series

Harvard Business Review Press - Jossey-Bass. Harvard Business School Press. Used book in Good Condition. This book will help you:• push past writer’s block• grab—and keep—readers’ attention• Earn credibility with tough audiences• Trim the fat from your writing• Strike the right tone• Brush up on grammar, punctuation, and usage Used book in Good Condition.

Garner, stakeholders, gives you the tools you need to express your ideas clearly and persuasively so clients, colleagues, and partners will get behind them. Harvard Business Review Press. Don't let your writing hold you back. When you’re fumbling for words and pressed for time, you might be tempted to dismiss good business writing as a luxury.

HBR Guide to Better Business Writing HBR Guide Series - But it’s a skill you must cultivate to succeed: You’ll lose time, money, and influence if your e-mails, proposals, and other important documents fail to win people over. The hbr guide to better Business Writing, by writing expert Bryan A.

Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation

Harvard Business Review Press - It explains successful transformation in a clear, two-part framework: where to invest in digital capabilities, and how to lead the transformation. Become a digital master—no matter what business You’re InIf you think the phrase “going digital” is only relevant for industries like tech, media, and entertainment—think again.

In fact, analytics, social media, sensors, mobile, and cloud computing have already fundamentally changed the entire business landscape as we know it—including your industry. Used book in Good Condition. The problem is that most accounts of digital in business focus on Silicon Valley stars and tech start-ups.

But what about the other 90-plus percent of the economy?in leading Digital, authors George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, and Andrew McAfee highlight how large companies in traditional industries—from finance to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals—are using digital to gain strategic advantage. Used book in Good Condition.

Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation - Within these parts, you’ll learn:• how to engage better with your customers• How to digitally enhance operations• How to create a digital vision• How to govern your digital activitiesThe book also includes an extensive step-by-step transformation playbook for leaders to follow. Leading digital is the must-have guide to help your organization survive and thrive in the new, digitally powered, global economy.

They illuminate the principles and practices that lead to successful digital transformation. Harvard Business Review Press. Harvard Business School Press.